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Bob and I first met when a mutual friend set us up on a blind date in June of 1988. We were engaged in September 1988 and married in Salt Lake City November 30, 1988. One year later we moved to Texas with GTE (Verizon). This is our story...

Saturday, March 5, 2011

My New Creative/Fun/Organized Room

My husband filled my room with beautiful red roses today. I don't mean the real red sweet fragrant American Beauty's, but the service ones. He has listened to me over the years about finding a spot for me to do all that I love to create. I'm not sure who's more excited me or him. We started out trying to rebuild a room using unfinished cabinets...too much work and cutting our fairly new carpet. After the 3rd year of looking at a desk set at the Pottery Barn, we finally realized it was exactly what we wanted. After moving this corner desk 3 times..(I'm sure Tyler is happy that's finally settled) we finally found the perfect place...nestled in the corner and right by the big window that will add the sunlight and outside view for my creative journey. We've hopefully made our last trip to Home Depot, we have just finished taking back all of the original cabinets and bought a couple that weren't on sale anymore....those of you that know me know that I hate buying ANYTHING that isn't on sale. Bob just smiles and continues to work the creative juices to make the perfect spot for me. So you ask how did Bob fill my room today with roses? Well, he will have spent several hours creating a room just for me!!! A room that will continue to take me to the creative spots that I enjoy so much. Thanks to a man that knows me after all these years...I love him so much!!!

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